It's 1991
How it works

Why use floor plans?

  • The vast majority of sellers prefer them!
  • The vast majority of buyers prefer floor plans and today’s buyer is tomorrow’s seller!
  • You want that instruction.
  • You want to increase or maintain your fees.
  • You want to increase your quality instructions.
  • You want your commitment to service to be seen.
  • You want to simplify and improve your property details.
  • You want to tap into that feel-good factor that comes when people compliment you on your service!

So why use Making Plans?

  • 10 years experience.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable staff.
  • One-off or regular use.
  • No software or hardware investment.
  • Guaranteed hard copy within 48 hours subject to your approval.
  • Free training in simple sketching if you require.
  • Charges include plans in B/W, corporate colours, any format, separate files for web..Think about that …..


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