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How to receive plans via email.

This guide is for users of Windows 98. However, the same principles apply regardless of what operating system, e.g. Windows 95, 2000… or even Mac OS you may be using.

All screenshots taken on a Mac running Win 98.

Step 1: From within Outlook Express or equivalent email program select the Inbox see below. You should now see a list of all your messages. To select a message just click on it and it will become highlighted. Any message with an attachment will have a little paper clip symbol near the bottom right. As a convention MPL always send plans with the address as the subject line. All you have to do is locate property address, then click on that paper clip as shown here. Select the first option containing the property address.

Step 2: After clicking the address the dialogue box below will pop up. Make sure that you select the Save it to disk option, then click OK.

Step 3: Now just select the folder/directory in which you wish to save the plan and that’s it.



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