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Considerations before deciding how to produce your floor plans...

Making Plans have a policy of constantly exploring all the options in producing floor plans for agents. Since 1991 we have collected data on a variety of software and other production methods, so we can ensure that we continue to offer a complete floor plan solution to our clients.
If you are considering using floor plans in your details, we suggest you check the following.

If you are looking at a portable software option, ensure you test it out yourself and you can produce plans to a high standard, quickly and with an option for different styles. After all you wouldn't be attracted to a clothes shop that only offered brown suits in just one size would you?

Remember to check that companies have tried to market various gadgets to produce floor plans since the 1990s, but many agents have found that their employees often have great difficulty in mastering what is advertised to be 'an effortless solution'.

How long has the company been trading and what is their production capacity? Some 'floor plan businesses' are little more than a single person working from a back bedroom, which can pose problems if the person becomes ill or goes on holiday!

Where is the business based and how good are they in meeting deadlines? Some overseas solutions can initially seem attractive in respect of price, but can lead to all manner of communication problems in terms of daily business.

How good are the finished plans? We have seen many plans in property details that contain all manner of basic mistakes including incorrect measurements, poor positioning of room labels and in many cases poor design. Remember the inclusion of a floor plan should enhance the existing information!

Does the company you use have good staff retention? This is crucial in ensuring that your account handler is aware of your needs and you don't waste time constantly dealing with newly employed individuals!


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